Russian Traditonal Costume late XIX – early XX c.

The permanent exhibition “Russian traditional costume” opened for the public on December 27, 2008. It  presents  32 women, men and children costumes as well as the separate items of clothes and jewelry dated to ХIХ – early ХХ cc.

Russians late XIX – early XX century

In four museum halls the permanent exhibition on ethnography of Russians the most numerous East Slavic people in the territory of the former Russian Empire is presented.  The life in enormous territory with diverse natural and climatic conditions, historical neighboring and interaction with numerous ethnic groups of the Russian state shaped the peculiarities of many local groups of Russian people.  

Belarusians. Late  XIX – early  XX cc.

The permanent exhibition on ethnography of Belarusians opens with the map of this people’s settlement and gallery of photographic portraits of Belarusian peasants from various governorates at the turn of XIX-XX cc.

The treasures of the Special Storage

Why the Special Storage? What does comprise the uniqueness of this storage? The necessity of special storage for particularly valuable objects appeared from the very beginning of museum collections’ formation.

The peoples of South Caucasus. Late XIX – early XX cc.

The movement along the permanent exhibition is arranged  as a road discovering to visitor various cultural landscapes: bystreet in city, rural farmstead, monastery courtyard, picnic, etc.

The peoples of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Late XIX – early XX cc.

The cultural specifics of region were determined by coexistence of two different civilizations – the settled one and the nomadic one which reflected in structure of permanent exhibition embracing two main sections.

Glimpses of the Past...

Images of the Jewish People in the Russian Empire’s Photography. From the Collections of the Russian Museum of Ethnography

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