The Collections on Finns and Sámi Culture

The collection on ethnography of Sámi has exclusive importance because it is the largest fund in our country uniting the artifacts of culture of the  Sámi of Russia, Norway and Finland.

Collection on culture of the peoples of Caucasus and Crimea

 The museum is rightfully proud of its outstanding collections of artifacts of traditional culture of the peoples of Caucasus and Crimea

The Collections of the Peoples of Siberia and Far East Culture

Today the collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography of the culture of the peoples of the Extreme North, Siberia and the Far East numbers about 50 000 ethnographic artifacts. Being the largest in the world, the collection of the Siberian region is the most valuable source characterizing all the aspects of culture of 36 Siberian peoples.

Collections on Ainu, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Mongolian Cultures

The largest collection on the Ainu culture (3000 items) occupies particular place in the museum fund. Formation of collection on the culture of this scarcely studied people dates from to the early XX century.

Illustration Fund

The fund numbers about 16000 keeping items.  It includes drawings, watercolors, engravings, estampages, examples of paper slotted ornaments, patterns and drawings of traditional costume and paintings. 

The book fund

The RME Research Library is the largest carefully completed museum book collection on ethnography. It comprises 110, 000 printed editions in Russian and foreign languages and is a sample of books and journals on the ethnography of the peoples of Russia and neighboring countries.

The Collection of Photogrpaphs

The museum collection of negatives and photographs comprises about 180 000 keeping items and includes the works made in the period from 1860 to 2000.

MASKS: Edges of Traditions

Today putting on mask we protect ourselves of surrounding persons. It helps us to construct the border between the world of humans and the dangerous world of bacteria.

Glimpses of the Past...

Images of the Jewish People in the Russian Empire’s Photography. From the Collections of the Russian Museum of Ethnography

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