Jar for wine. Georgians. Gori. Georgia. Late 19th century.

Jar for wine. Georgians. Gori. Georgia. Late 19th century.

Among the collection that was passed to the museum from the Grand Duke George Mikhailovich there was an outstanding collection of Georgian ceramics.  

In the Caucasus, producing ceramic was an ancient occupation for the population, dating back to the late Stone Age. There were different types of vessels made of clay: jars for wine and water, podoinik - piggins (milk pail), ceramic bowls and other kinds of vessels. The traditional forms of the vessels for wine and water were very popular so that manufactured goods could not oust them from people's mode.  

Traditional Georgian plain cooking is an old and rather strict ritual. It is not only the joint meal, but the most important side of the spiritual life of peoples. This custom, kept till nowadays, dating back to the ancient times and it demands not only special songs and talks, but the special set of utensils. 

There are two types of wine vessels: individual - for each participant of the feast and common - to lay the table.

It was believed that the wine vessel was a guardian of being secrets, a receptacle of human soul - that is why the form of the vessel is anthropomorphous. The details of vessel usually have such names as - body, shoulder, neck and arms. Vessels have different names which depend on size and set of detail.