For adult visitors

Excursions on the main expositions and exhibitions:

• "Russians. XIX — early XX century"

• "Northwest and Baltic people. XVIII — early XX century"

• "People of the North Caucasus. XIX — early XX century"

• "People of the Volga region and Cisural area. Komi, Maris, мордва, Udmurts, Chuvashs, Bashkirs, Tatars. XIX - early XX century"

• "People of Siberia and Far East. Asian Eskimos, Chukchi, Koryaks, Nenets. XIX — early XX century"

• "People of Siberia and Far East. Khakas, Yakuts, Buryats, Evenks, Nanais, Oroks, Orochs, Ulchi, Nivkhs, Negidals, Udege. XIX - early XX century"

• "Ukrainians. XIX — early XX century"

• "Belarusians. XIX - early XX century"

•  "Moldavians.  XIX - early XX century" 

• "People of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Late XIX — early XX century"

• "People of South Caucasus. Late XIX — early XX century"

• "History and culture of the Jewish people in the territory of Russia"

• "A bone, a horn, amber in traditional cultures of the people of Eurasia. Late XVII—XX century"

• "The Treasure Room"

Thematic excursions and classes:

• "Traditional ceremonies and holidays of the Russian people" (excursion)
  National calendar and orthodox holidays in the Russian village, family customs and ceremonies

• "The Russian traditional costume" (excursion)
  History of a traditional Russian costume, its territorial, age and other features;
  festive and everyday clothes of the Russian peasants of XIX — the beginning of the XX century.

• "Slavic costume" (excursion)
   National costume as source of knowledge of the past.
   Similarity and distinction in breed and clothes structure at Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians

• "The Russian meal" (excursion)

• "The Russian wedding" (thematic occupation)